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Paola Gómez

Community Awareness

Paola holds a degree in Family Sciences at the Higher Institute of Family Studies. She attended the program on Cycling Infrastructure and the program on Safe Cities for coexistence of public space, both taught by the Faculty of Architecture of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Paola is a specialist in road safety and sustainable mobility. She coordinated the Bicycle School of the then Miguel Hidalgo Delegation to train citizens in urban cycling, sustainable mobility and road safety. Later, she served as Deputy Director of Sustainable Road Flow Studies in the Ministry of Mobility of Mexico City. It was there where she collaborated in the development of the Integral Road Safety Program of Mexico City and the implementation of the Vision Zero strategy.

Paola works for safer cities because she thinks they make place for accessible and democratic human expression.

Hamburgo 253 - 301
Colonia Juárez
Alcaldía Cuauhtémoc
Ciudad de México
C.P. 06600

+52 (55) 86579433