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Cities for mobility

German Technical Cooperation Agency (GIZ)

Compilation of best mobility practices in Mexico

Fecha: 2018-2019
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We collaborated with the German Technical Cooperation Agency (GIZ) and the consultancy CIVITA on the development of the “Cities for mobility: Best practices in Mexico” study. Its objective is to identify, investigate and document successful cases implemented during the last 25 years in Mexico. For inspiring and informing interested actors in the creation and accomplishment of urban sustainable mobility actions. 

The study collects 35 cases, selected as best practices of urban mobility in Mexico because its implementation has improved mobility systems. It is also possible to replicate them and obtain similar results if context, qualities and adaptation are considered on other locations. The best practices were assorted in two lines of action: Public policy and Projects and initiatives, and were evaluated through four aspects: Replicability and modal impact (1), Economical (2), Environmental (3) and Sociocultural (4) for defining if the case requires more impulse, improvements or only monitoring. 

Similarly, we created factsheets about each case including lessons learned, strengths and opportunity areas to be considered by cities that have promoted or implemented them and by cities which want to replicate them. 

With the study, we are trying that the mexican government in its different levels, to replicate more and better practices of mobility.