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Emergent design in public space of CDMX

Semovi / UCCI

Development of emergent tactical urbanism at Azcapotzalco market in Mexico city

Fecha: 2020

Along with the Ministry of Mobility, UCCI, Sedeco and the Mayor’s Office of Azcapotzalco, a market located at the municipality of Azcapotzalco in Mexico City, was redefined through tactical urbanism.

After months of inactivity caused by the health crisis of COVID-19, the market resumed its activities taking sanitary measures and establishing entrances and access points. Signs were placed to inform users the function of these spaces such as entrances, exits, and dining area. Additionally, based on the cultural identity of the municipality, “red ants” were painted as waiting points in four entrances to the market, to indicate the safe distance that users must keep before accessing the building.

Finally, a disused cargo area was rehabilitated to turn it into a dining room, free to any visitor or market vendor. To do this, a squared grid was designed to assign spaces for tables and chairs, considering the criteria of social distancing between each element.