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Muévete Chilo Sinaloa

Sinaloa State Government

Technical support for the implementation of the public bicycle system

Fecha: 2018-2019
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Ficha Técnica

We assisted Sinaloa’s Government through the Ministry of Sustainable Development, with the technical accompaniment for setting up a bicycle-shared system. The system is a hybrid model composed of dockless bicycles with designated drop zones, designed according to the technical and financial capacities of the state. The system was landed on a public mobility policy called “Muévete Chilo Sinaloa” which was generated through a process based on four aspects:

1) Regulatory

On the basis of the analysis of the current legislation, Public Transport System Guidelines were designed based on the Sustainable Urban Mobility Law and assistance was given along the selection of the system operator company.  

Mujeres en bicicleta

2) Social

A multi-actor process was developed through planning and awareness workshops, involving theoretical and practical components. We collaborated with transit officers to generate prevention protocols related to traffic incidents and thefts. Universities were linked with the project, applying surveys to define messages for the Communication Strategy.


3) Technical

Background information for each municipality and state was reviewed, related to mobility, geographic data analysis, demographic and technical data. All of the previous inputs were to generate diagnostics and give shape to the systems, considering densities, economic units, urban structure, terrain slopes, among other important aspects. Hard work on streets was carried out to pick up the most appropriate spot for each station.

Bycicle illustration

4) Communication

A communication strategy was created, based on three lines: system operation, road cycling and tips for traveling to school and to work. A graphic identity was developed for Muévete Chilo, its website, and key messages of the system.

Sinaloa is the first state of the northern region of the country which deploys a bicycle-shared system. The benefited cities with Muévete Chilo are Mazatlán, Culiacán and Los Mochis.