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Urkubici in Pasto


Evaluation of the pilot phase and supervision of the implementation of the Urkubici bicycle-sharing system in Pasto, Colombia

Fecha: 2020 (in development)
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The implementing agency of the PBS considered convenient the participation of the consultancy to evaluate the pilot phase of the system Urkubici and identify the elements that have hindered its successful implementation in educational institutions (University of NariƱo, University of Mariana, Cooperative University, SENA, School Normal Superior) and government agencies (Ministry of Traffic and Ministry of Environmental Management). The project is part of the Energy City Program of the Ministry of Mines and Energy and the Energy Mining Planning Unit (UPME) by its acronym in Spanish, in coordination with the Swiss Economic and Development Cooperation (SECO). The supervision of the implementation of the system is planned until mid-2021.